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Yes, Protecting PC is really so much easy that we need some idea about computers and most importantly the knowledge to use our basic common sense. Wonder if your computer has got infected by a virus how do you resolve the issue? Its quiet simple you just go download an Antivirus Software and then scan the computer and quarantine the virus. But wonder if that did not work out, what you are going to do? The answer is you will seek the help of someone. But my advice is that before you seek the help of someone, you yourself can try checking out what are the miscellaneous activities that have taken place in the computer, and then find the file and delete it or else, If you feel that you don't have enough knowledge of how to delete the file, just try sending the file to your antivirus software developer using some option such as "Submit your File for Analysis".  If you st... (more)

Social Media Optimization

The Social Networking Sites have been now in increased usage for both personal as well as official use.  The Social media websites attracts a different set of target audience with different interests where the users share their views as well share the information to their known ones. This way it has been growing day-by-day. At present in the online marketing vertical, the one, which is reaching the highest-peak, is Twitter. Almost all the user both personal and business users post their message and share what they are thinking, what they do, what they enjoyed recently and so on. ... (more)

Internet Security Suite and Antivirus Software

In recent days, there has been increase in virus and other security related threats, in order to combat those a powerful security program needs to installed in the computer to safeguard our digital assets including passwords, banking details, SSN, and our other confidential details and data. There have been lot of data thefts, phishing attacks that are reported on a day-to-day basis, but is there a way to stop such kind of attacks. Certainly No! But we can protect our computers from exposed to such kind of internet security risks, and protecting our computer from getting infected ... (more)

Evolution of the Painting Art

Man has an innate need to make a mark, one way or another, before he goes out of this world. This is what is recorded as history, and everyone wants to be a part of it and become timeless, indestructible by change. Painting has been one of the primordial art forms. We can see cave painting of men from 32000 years back. But people have always been painting, come world war or about mythology. The beauty in exaggerating simple things to create a deep impress which manifests into the permanent memory as something that can never be forgotten is called art. Painting is most elementary... (more)

Best Antivirus Program for PC Protection - How to Buy It?

As the usage of Internet technology grows, computers have been at high risk. There are so many antivirus software companies that have been providing an alarm of the precautions that needs to be taken. Meanwhile there are security architects who review the best antivirus software or Internet Security Suite and advice the customers of which is the Best Buy Security Program. But still do you think all this will really work out to protect your PC Completely?  My answer would be "NO". Because if an Antivirus Software or a Internet Security Software plays 50% role in protecting the PC, ... (more)